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Cougar VTE 600W - 80 Plus Bronze Japan Cap

Cougar VTE 600W - 80 Plus Bronze Japan Cap

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    • Extremely High Efficiency

      Up to 87% of efficiency

    • Ultra-Stable Voltage Output

      3.3V DC-DC technology for enhanced voltage ability

    • 105°C Japanese Standby Capacitor

      Increase the PSU life-span

    • Compatible With the Latest PC-Technology

      Support the newest specifications of ATX12V Created for usage with current and next-generation multi-core CPU platforms

    • Ultra-Quiet & Temperature-Controlled 120mm Fan

      Extremely low noise level, equipped with a large and ultra-quiet 120mm fan

    • Integrated Air Inlet Design

      Optimal air-dynamical design, lead to more silent operation

    • Massive Single 12V DC Output

      Extreme stability for powerful graphic systems

    • Support Multi-GPU Technology

      Supports PCI express 3.0 next-generation graphics cards with 8(6+2) pin PCI-e connector.

    • Active Power Factor Correction (Active PFC)

      PF value up to 99%, provides clean and reliable power

    • Full Protections With OCP, SCP, OVP, UVP, OPP



      Model Name AC Input DC output
      +3.3V +5V +12V -12V +5Vsb Total
      CGR BS-400
      50-60Hz 6.5-4A
      16A 18A 30A 0.3A 2.5A 400W
      120W 360W
      CGR BS-500
      50-60Hz 10-6A
      16A 18A 37.5A 0.3A 2.5A 500W
      135W 450W
      CGR BS-600
      16A 20A 45A 0.3A 2.5A 600W
      150W 540W


      Connector Main CPU Peripherals S-ATA PCI-E
      Pin 24(20+4) Pins 8(4+4) Pins
      8 Pins
      4 Pins 5 Pins 8(6+2) Pins
      VTE400 1 1 2 4 1
      VTE500 1 1 2 5 2
      VTE600 1 1 2 6 2
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